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Android and bluetooth dialup (error 720)

Well, I must say I really like my Android phone and it worked great.
Yesterday I upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.3, and I was expecting big changes. To be honest I didn't notice something to say wow, but I noticed something to say #!@Z*uck!
When I dialed my bluetooth connection, as I was used, I got the same

Opening port.... (fine)
Dialing *99# ... (fine)
Verifying user name and password (fine)
Registering your computer on the network ...

The last message remains on the screen for about a minute, and then I got an Error 720.

I cannot dial the Internet anymore. Using the USB cable is the same.
The phone itself connects with no problems, the WiFi hotspot works.
Only dialup networking does not start.
Dialup networking... DUN!!!! I once read something about it but wasn't able to find the page, so I did a lot of experiments and here is the solution:

  1. Jump to Settings->Wireless->Mobile networks->Access points (the original italian path was Impostazioni->Wireless e reti->Reti mobili->Nomi punti di accesso
  2. Create a new APN, copying all the settings in the one you have working
  3. In the last field, APN Type, type :) dun (in your working one this should be blank)
That's all.
You do not need to enable the connection to the internet before using dialup networking, just fire up your bluetooth connection from the PC.
Hope this will save angry nights to someone...