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FUMPF. When we need to recover email deleted from Outlook PST

I had the problem to recover some items deleted from my Outlook trash can. Googling around I find this useful article:

To make it short, it says you must specially corrupt the PST file, then run the SCANPST tool from Microsoft Office: it will recover everything, even deleted messages. Since we corrupted only the header of the file, nothing should be lost. Pretty simple.

The problem, for non tech savvy people, is to find an hex editor to do the job, understand the instructions, and load a multi-gigabyte file into the editor itself. Here comes FUMPF. It makes just a simple job: it opens the file without the need to load it into the RAM, and writes the bytes at the correct offset to gently corrupt the file.

The process requires that you run SCANPST after my program. FUMPF tries to find SCANPST in the standard paths: if it finds it, the Start SCANPST button is enabled to simplify your task.

The program runs on any computer with .NET framework 2.0. It is freeware; you can copy and use it at your will. It also comes with no kind of warranty; it may open a black hole and swallow the whole universe.

Just remember to backup your original PST before modifying it!


1.       Start the program (get it

2.       Click on Select PST and find THE COPY of your PST file. Do not work on the original one. Lots of things can go wrong.

3.       Press FUMPF it! and confirm you have a backup of your PST.

4.       Process is complete. If the button is enabled, press Start SCANPST to start the program and “fix” your PST and just wait for it to finish.


FUMPF: Italiano

In breve: per recuperare le mail cancellate in maniera “definitiva” da un file PST, l’articolo indicato in testa a questa pagina dice che è necessario corrompere il file PST, in modo che il programma SCANPST (fa parte di Microsoft Office) lo possa riaggiustare, recuperando anche tutte le mail cancellate.

FUMPF esegue una corruzione “chirurgica” del file, senza richiedere l’uso di editor esadecimali.

Come si usa:

1.       Avviare il programma (su un computer con almeno il .NET framework 2.0). Lo scarichi qui

2.       Premere Select PST e selezionare LA COPIA del proprio PST. Molte cose possono andare storte quindi è necessario lavorare su una copia del PST e non sull’originale.

3.       Premere FUMPF it! e confermare di avere una copia.

4.       Adesso basta eseguire SCANPST sul file. Se FUMPF trova SCANPST in una delle locazioni standard sul disco, attiva il bottone Start SCANPST per semplificare la vita all’utente, altrimenti il programma va cercato sul disco C:.

Il programma è gratuito e non fornisce alcuna garanzia sul risultato.